The Godfather of Magic

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One of those boring afternoons, Ludovic's hands end up on a deck of cards. He then starts to manipulate the cards and play with them. He realises that a simple deck of cards can be used in more ways he could ever imagine. This day will be marked as the day everything started. He is 15 and, since then, the words "I'm bored" are banned from his vocabulary.

He works alone for a couple of years. Then in 2000, he goes to university in Angers where he joins the local magicians society named "l'Amicale Robert-Houdin d'Angers" (ARHA). Being amongst magicians helps him to improve his technique and is also very stimulating to work even more.

In 2001, he leaves France to study in England. He also challenges himself and decides he would work magic even harder. Best experiences being on the field, he decides he will have a real audience in local restaurants. The challenge is double as he will perform in front of a real audience and in a language that is not his. But that is the best school ever, even to learn a foreign language.

Back to France, he goes back to the ARHA and keeps on performing either in restaurants or in private parties.

At the same time, he takes theatre lessons. Indeed, he is absolutely convinced that magic must be dramatized. Forget boxes that one rolls on stage to cut an assistant without any reason. Forget rabbits in hats. This is old-fashioned magic for Ludovic, definitely not the style of magic he wants to offer.

Based on this idea, he builds his act upon the movie "The Godfather". This act puts together magic, drama, music... The first big performance was at the French championship of magic in 2010 where he gets awarded the 2nd prize.

From the Godfather to Italy, there is only one step. After 8 months of Italian lessons, he performs his act at the Italian national competition and wins the 1st prize becoming the Italian champion of magic.

As travelling around the globe does not scare him, he starts to think more global: Belgium championship, Ron Mac Millan in London. He is even invited to attempt the FFFF convention in 2012 (FFFF being the world most prestigious convention for close-up magicians).

All those international appearances and awards lead him to be selected to represent his country at the world championship of Magic (FISM) in Blackpool (England) in July 2012 where he will be 7th.

In 2012, he decided to make the first step and to work only part time in his engineer job in order to have more time to do his magic. In 2014, after competing at the European Championship of Magic, he decided to quit his job and to be a full time magician.

In 2012, he also joins the French team of close-up Magic.

In 2015, he is selected for the second time to represent France at the World Chanpionship of Magic. This time in Rimini, Italy. Lovely place for a Godfather.

He is living a dream, but isn't that what magic is meant to be ?

        To be continued...